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CEEM Transnational Lab

Involved researchers

ARES will participate at the TRANSNATIONAL LAB and INTERNATIONAL PRESS CONFERENCE in Budapest for the final phase of the CEEM project.

CEEM project promotes the adoption of green technologies by SMEs in the Central Europe area. It offered operational methods, good practices and the access for free to a new IT tool – called 3EMT - for the benchmark of the eco-energy performance of industries across the EU. CEEM aims at matching environmental protection with business improvement.
The purpose of the Transnational Lab is to involve decision makers & stakeholders from 5 EU countries to develop a Transnational Strategy Document to:

  • highlight the findings of the CEEM pilot action and feature some best practices;
  • sketch out a proposal of Central Europe common standards and indicators to evaluate SMEs eco-energy performance;
  • write a roadmap for cleaner production and more sustainable consumption attitudes in the Central Europe.
CEEM partners
Budapest, Hungary
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