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EFC 2015

Involved researchers

The sixth edition of the European Fuel Cell Technology & Applications Piero Lunghi Conference will last 3 days and will include more than 200 presentations selected according to quality by the Programme Committee from over 300 offers of papers received.

The European Fuel Cell Technology & Applications – Piero Lunghi Conference intends to outline the international state of the art of fuel cells and to provide short, medium and long-term visions on research and development in the field, as well as on market opportunities, global policies and future energy scenarios.

The conference aims to reply to the several open questions which continue to challenge the fuel cell world. It will be our target to provide a clear picture of the status of fuel cells, to consolidate the vision and reframe strategies and objectives, and to promote systematic collaboration between industry, research institutions, customers and society.

ARES present two work entitled:

  • "EDEN: NOVEL POWER-TO-POWER SYSTEM FOR ENHANCED HYDROGEN STORAGE IN SOLID STATE" talking about some recent results achieved in the EDEN
  • "Isochoric Differential Apparatus: an enhancement of classic Sievert instrument"
Naples, Italy

Full programme available here.