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European Researchers' Night 2015

Researchers' Night is a mega event which takes place simultaneously every year in one night of September in hundreds of European cities.
As in previous years the objective of the Researchers' Night is telling the profile of the researcher, the behind the scenes of the science and the impact it has on daily life, with a focus on the senses involved and the sixth sense that leads to the most amazing discoveries.

Want to spend a Friday night and interesting to learn new things while having fun?
You will live to witness fascinating scientific experiments with the family, school, friends or, why not, by itself!

Within the researchers of ARES unit you could know technologies of micro-cogeneration concentrated solar power, innovative energy storage solution based on hydrogen technologies, sustainable solutions that help an efficiently management of renewable resources for small-scale applications. These will be some distinctive elements of what you will see in a few years in our homes, on our streets, in our communities.


Annalisa Armani - Alessandra Frongia
tel. 0461 314881 - 0461 314040

FBK, UNITN, Fondazione Edmund Mach, MUSE - Museo delle Scienze
Trento Fiere, Trento (Italy)