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HYCELTEC 2015 - V Iberian Symposium on Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Advanced Batteries


The International School of Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy organized past advanced study institutes and workshops on different topics.

The purpose of the International School of Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy is two-fold:


A seminar at territorial level to spread the knowledge concentrated solar power technologies for the production of renewable energy.


This seminar organized by ARES research unit will present the first renewable energy hybrid system as a leading example demonstrating the use of hydrogen as a clean energy source.


Luigi Crema, head of ARES research unit, has been invited from the Italian Embassy in Seoul to attend a bilateral Symposium on "Hydrogen and Fuel Cells - Current issues and perspectives"  between Italian and Korean experts to discuss future way of collaboration in this important topics.


Storing hydrogen in materials is based on the observation that metals can reversibly absorb hydrogen, however practical application of such a finding is found to be rather challenging especially for vehicular applications. The ideal material should reversibly store a significant amount of hydrogen under moderate conditions of pressures and temperatures. To date, such a material does not exist, and the high expectations of achieving the scientific discovery of a suitable material simultaneously with engineering innovations are out of reach.


EDEN project progress will be presented at the 9th International Symposium “Hydrogen & Energy”


FBK will participate at the Set Plan Conference 2014 contributing with his vision in the energy domain.


ARES unit will host PhD Sylvain Quoilin, researcher at the University of Liege and JRS Petten, for a seminar regarding Development and Applications of Organic Rankine Cycle.


ARES will be at Nanotechitaly 2014 International Conference with the poster entitled "Differential pressure apparatus: an enhancement of classic Sievert instrument"