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At the MUSE of Trento in the sector dedicated to sustainability, a new installation that presents hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels.


ARES attend the two days project meeting of the INSHIP project in Graz (Austria) to discuss the progress of the project and to plan future activities.


ARES attend the two days technical project meeting of the CH2P project in Sion (Austria).


PhD position in the Skoltech Center for Energy Systems jointly with Fondazione Bruno Kessler


ARES attend the two days coordination meeting of the project INSHIP project in Freiburg (Germany)


CH2P consortium meets together in Trento (Italy) for the official first technical meeting organized by ARES


CH2P aims at building a transition technology for early infrastructure deployment, developing a new technology for the future network of HRS, using widely available carbon-lean natural gas (NG) or bio-methane to produce hydrogen and power through Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) technology. Luigi Crema, Head of the ARES, is the project coordinator.


ARES attend the two days kick-off meeting of the INSHIP project in Brussels (Belgium).


Online the geothermal map of Trentino. The work, presented yesterday during a technical conference at Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) in Trento, is the result of the GEOTERM project and is now available in WebGIS mode.


ARES at the first EERA Conference with the work entitled "Schemes of integration in thermal application and power cycle for small scale concentrated solar systems".