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BRICKER | Final Video

News date: 
Friday, 23 February, 2018

Energy consumption in public buildings is typically about 40% higher than in the residential sector. Therefore, energy efficiency is essential to EU energy policy.

The EU-funded project BRICKER is tackling these challenges by retrofitting two showcase public buildings in Belgium and Turkey: a university and a hospital. Especially heating and cooling in public buildings remains an expensive and a mostly unresolved issue in Europe. The research team integrates active technologies that reduce the energy demand and passive technologies, which will change the way of energy production.

The BRICKER research team is combining improved biomass boilers and cogeneration systems like the Organic Rankin Cycle units that generate both, heat and electricity, with biomass and are testing them for cost effectiveness, efficiency and emission behaviour. They expect energy savings of about 50 per cent! As each building has its own individual challenges to combat, the project seeks to deliver state-of-the-art energy efficient renovation for real buildings in different countries and climates to ensure that other cities around the world can replicate the Bricker solutions.

ARES researchers contribute mainly on the development of the energy management and control strategy of the active technologies, simulating the dynamic behaviour of the demo site buildings in the final technology configuration. In particular, for the demo site building in Liege, a dedicated control strategy to improve energy generation and management in an efficient and economically sustainable way has been developed.