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SolarTech, the project proposed by ARES Research Unit managed by Luigi Crema, aim to move from research to the market a CSP solar energy technology able to provide electricity and thermal energy for residential and industrial applications.  


ARES attend the two days BRICKER project meeting in Seville (Spain) to discuss the progress of the project and to plan future activities.


Michal Otyepka will illustrate the advances in the field of graphene functionalization.


As the CIVIS project is entering its last phase, increasingly more effort is done on the implementation of the project on its pilot sites. CIVIS has two pilot sites in the Trentino Region, Italy (San Lorenzo and Storo) and two pilot sites in Sweden (Hammarby Sjöstad and Fårdala). This issue of our newsletter focuses on the Swedish pilot sites and other activities carried out by the members of the consortium during the past months.


ARES, as scientific coordinator, takes part in working groups of "Mobilità Idrogeno Italia" which was held in Venice in order to advance the work on the National Plan for hydrogen based mobility in Italy.


Luigi Crema participate at the event organized in collaboration with the University of Trento entitled "R.E.D.S. 2ALPS - Flowing Knowledges".


ARES attend the two days STAGE STE IRP project meeting in Freiburg (Germany) to discuss the progress of the project and to plan future activities.


ARES present the work entitled "Isochoric Differential Apparatus: an enhancement of classic Sievert instrument", talking about some recent results achieved in the EDEN project, at the EFC 2015 - European Fuel Cell Technology & Application - Piero Lunghi Conference


ARES participate at the two days meeting of the ITPAR Scientific Committee inside the India – Trento Program for Advanced Research ITPAR III (2012-2015)


EDEN project results presented at FCH JU Programme Review Days