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ARES is featured in the 3th Newsletter from BRICKER Project


ARES attend the two days CIVIS project meeting in Lisbon (Portugal) to discuss the progress of the project and to plan future activities.


The Scientific publisher ELSEVIER has recently released usage data about two of ARES pubblications for the year 2014.


ARES attended the MADELENA review meeting in Trento (Italy) at Fondazione Bruno Kessler.
A poster was presented, illustrating the activity about atomistic simulations of memristive systems.


For the next two weeks, a researcher from ARES research unit will be conductiong experimental activity in collaboration with the IMDEA Energy Center. Innovative volumetric receivers for high temperature applications, designed and realized in FBK, will be tested at the High-Flux Radiation Facilities (KIRAN-42) provided by IMDEA.


Luigi Crema, head of ARES research unit, has been invited to HYCELTEC 2015 - V Iberian Symposium on Hydrogen, Fuel Cells and Advanced Batteries in order to hold a plenary talk about innovative hydrogen solid state storage solutions.


ARES attend the two days BRICKER review meeting in Brussels (Belgium) participating at the different work package roundtables for the plan of future activities.


ARES attend the two days EDEN Project Meeting in Muelheim-Kaerlich (Germany) to discuss the progress of the project and to plan future activities.


Luigi Crema participate at the FCH JU Energy storage study results presentation, which will take place on March 18th in Brussels, presenting a brief statement on the RESEARCH GROUPING ON FUEL CELLS AND HYDROGEN - N.ERGHY.


Luigi Crema, head of ARES Unit, is intervied on the role played by Ares Unit in BRICKER Project