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ARES will attend the CEEM Project Meeting in Budapest (Hungary) to discuss the progress of the project and to plan future activities, in particular as regards the definition of the CEEM Transnational Territorial Strategy.


ARES have attended the meeting in Trieste (Italy) with the italian partners to address the final phase of the CEEM project.


ARES attend the CIVIS Project Meeting in Trento (Italy) to discuss the progress of the project and to plan future activities.


Luigi Crema, FBK researcher and Head of the ARES (Applied Research on Energy Systems) Research Unit was elected to the Coordination Board of “N.ERGHY”, an European organization based in Brussels, that has the task of promoting, supporting and speeding up research and development on fuel cells and hydrogen.


STAGE-STE is an Integrated Research Programme (IRP) that engages all major European research institutes to work on Solar Thermal Energy encompasses Solar Thermal Electricity (STE) and related technologies.


Welcome to this first edition of the BRICKER project newsletter. Its purpose is to reach out to all those who have an interest in pushing down energy consumption in the built environment.


ARES attend the meeting, focused to check if the project is on track to achieve its objectives.


Last week the BRICKER consortium launched the new website, designed to provide a platform for dissemination and exchange on retrofit solutions applied to non-residential public buildings.