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Closed Projects

EDEN Project aims at developing a new storage material with high hydrogen storage capacity, able to be managed in real-time for distributed level applications, included on a specifically designed storage tank and interlinked to an energy provision system able to match intermittent energy sources with local energy demand - e.g. for buildings and small dwellings.

CEEM aims at supporting environmentally friendly technologies in the industrial production of the Central Europe regions by offering to SMEs operational methods, good practices and an IT tool to self-assess their performance. The project aims at matching jointly environmental positive performance towards business improvement by showing the economic advantages of greener production and consumption patterns

HPCforPP is a joint research project which relies to High Performance Computing simulations for studying the optical properties of Photonic Crystals/Glasses and Plasmonic Structures.

The DiGeSPo project aims to research and build a modular micro Combined Heat and Power (m-CHP) system based on innovative Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Stirling engine technology. This CSP m-CHP unit will provide electrical power, heating and cooling for single and multiple domestic dwellings and other small commercial, industrial and public buildings.

CIVIS’s aim is to contribute to the design of a fairer, more sustainable, energy-optimised smart city. The project focuses on the ICT-enabled social dimension to harness the potential of innovation of individuals and collectives with respect to energy prosumption. CIVIS will link energy, ICT and society to achieve significant impacts in terms of CO2 reduction and new forms of social innovation.

MaDelENA (Developing and Studying novel intelligent nanoMaterials and Devices towards Adaptive Electronics and Neuroscience Applications) proposes the study of memristive systems, both inorganic and organic, with the aim of developing neuro-bio-inspired electronic systems based on elements mimicking the function of components of the nervous system.

FBK – ARES will provide a contribution for the realization of the MIT – MEL connected home that became a demonstration site for innovative energy technologies and systems

MISTICO will develop a new system of m-CHP based on hybrid CPV (Concentrated Photo Voltaic) systems to improve the overall efficiency of a CPV cell by the application of new materials and new technological layout.

The BIOPATH project will perform a full lifecycle assessment (FLA) in the specific ambitious field of biomass resources and all the value chain related to their use for energy generation / conversion.

Steinex project goal was the development of an innovative safety system prototype for stone cutting machines.