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Laboratory provided of test benches and tools for evaluation and  validation of cogenerating engines, thermal technologies, up to 5,5 kW electrical power up to 25 kW thermal power.  All the system is electronically controlled by software and PID controls.

ELECTRIC GENERATION: the electrical generation is managed by a CHROMA mod. 63204 5,5 kW electric charge.

THERMAL GENERATION: the thermal generation is manages by a Test bench designed and realized by FBK integrating top quality meters and devices. It is able to generate up to 15 kW thermal power through electric heaters software controlled and it is able to dissipate about 25 kW thermal power through an integrated cooling device.

BIOMASS COMBUSTION: a customized pellet burner manufactured by VESCOVI CUCINE can test Stirling or Organic Rankine Cycles, with nominal power generation between 5 and 15 kW at the flame.

FUEL CELLS: Galvanometer BIOLOGIC model SP-150 (20V,+/-800mA) with a build in EIS generator for impedance measurements.

Responsible person: 
Luigi Crema, Mattia Roccabruna