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Photovoltaic fuel cell hybrid system installed at IIT | FBK seminar

Photovoltaic fuel cell hybrid system installed at IIT, Delhi

Viresh Dutta
Centre for Energy Studies, Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India

Renewable energy hybrid systems have gained importance amid global warming and climate change issue. Energy management of different power sources and overall energy efficiency play an important role in determining the use of such systems commercially.

5 kWp Photovoltaic (PV) grid connected rooftop system hybridized with low carbon transport backup power system, i.e., the Fuel Cell system, is being developed at the Centre for Energy Studies, IIT Delhi. The system study has been carried on a captive mini grid with an AC bus topology.

In this hybrid set up a combination of electrolyser (600 W), metal hydride (5000Nl) and fuel cell (1 kW) forms the hydrogen power generation system. An alkaline Electrolyser produces ydrogen which is stored in a LaNi5 type Metal Hydride. The hydrogen stored is utilized by fuel cell to generate DC power. Fuel Cell inverter then converts DC power into AC power. This hydrogen power generation system is integrated with the PV system to form the hybrid PV-FC system. A polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell is used as it has low start up time and works at room temperature.

The 5 kWp solar rooftop generator acts as the primary source of power and it meets the load on the mini-grid with ‘Solar First’ priority. A combination of electrolyser (600 W), metal hydride (5000Nl) and fuel cell (1 kW) is used as a secondary power source and the utility grid serves as a tertiary source. A small battery bank of 7.2 kWh is used for handling power surges and critical periods that arise due to the response time of fuel cell, besides providing a ‘virtual’ grid for ‘Solar first’ operation.

This is the first of its kind hybrid system in India and will serve to be a leading example demonstrating the use of hydrogen as a means of clean energy source.

The project is sponsored by Gas Authority of India.

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