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Set Plan Conference 2014

Involved researchers

FBK will participate at the Set Plan Conference 2014 contributing with his vision in the energy domain.

The 2014 SET- Plan Conference falls at a crucial time, when momentum is gathering towards the development of the SET Plan Integrated Roadmap and an Action Plan promoting stronger collaboration between Member States and with the EU in areas such as energy efficiency, competitive low-carbon supply of energy, and system optimisation including smart cities and communities. The Integrated Roadmap will encompass the Research & Innovation priorities for the whole energy system and the non-technological aspects which are crucial to enable the deployment of the new technologies on the market.

This two-day event will take place in Rome, Italy, on 10-11 December 2014.  Gathering together some 500 energy stakeholders from across Europe, the SET Plan conference will facilitate debate around the EU’s key energy policy targets for 2030 – sustainability, competitiveness and security of supply– and the importance of research and innovation in achieving them.  Participants will be encouraged to explore and debate the role of technology and the innovations needed to address key challenges such as positioning an active consumer at the centre of the energy system, increasing energy efficiency, optimising the energy system and developing a secure, cost-effective, clean and competitive supply of energy.

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Rome, Italy

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