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Solar Process Heat for Industry


Based on the IEA Solar Heating and Cooling Technology Roadmap Solar process heat in industry (<120°C) could account for 20% of energy use for low temperature industrial heat by 2050. This would correspond to an installed capacity of 3,200 GWth, producing around 7.2 EJ solar heat per
year. The key industrial sectors with the highest potential are food and beverage, textile, transport equipment, metal and plastic treatment as well as the chemical industry.
The areas of application with the most suitable industrial processes include cleaning, drying,evaporation and distillation, blanching, pasteurisation, sterilisation, cooking, melting, painting and surface treatment.

Energy Department of Politecnico di Milano
Milano, Italy

The workshop on “Solar Process Heat for Industry” will present the newest developments and insights in the field of collector technology and solar thermal system integration in combination with energy saving measures. Also experience with installed systems will play a major role. Presentations from research institutions, technology suppliers and end consumers will lead to an informative knowledge transfer.