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Sviluppo di scenari energetici di medio-lungo termine nei piani d'azione PAES


Involved researchers

Europe is facing a growing energy demand, volatile prices and supply problems. It is also necessary the reduction of the environmental impact of the energy sector.

To face of these these problems, the EU Commission has established new objectives on climate and energy targets for 2020, 2030 and 2050.

While the EU is on track to achieve the targets set for 2020, remain to be processed and planned energy strategies for medium to long term, essential to identify early the best choices to address economic resources and define specific policies to support these investments. In order to make the strategy successful and achieve the expected results, the plans envisaged at Eurpean level must be implement and supported at local level.

In this seminar - held in Italian - the results of a case study for a new energy strategy at disctirc level ( an entire valley in Trentino - Val di Non) will be presented. The study was conduicted by the ARES Research Unit in collaboration with the University of Turin and the local policy maker "Comunità della Val di Non". The objectives of this work is the evaluation of the advantages that innovative scientific approaches could give to local governments, moving toward a virtuous process for energy and environmental sustainability with improved implementation of specific action plans for sustainable energy at the local level (PAES).

Fondazione Bruno Kessler, Via Sommarive 18 – Povo (TN)