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Innovation Support

Involved researchers

ARES has extensive experience in technology transfer and innovation support gained in numerous projects with industry partners, from the modelling of the technical solution until the development of a real demonstrator suitable for pre-industrial production.

Technology transfer aims to create a collaborative relationship with the companies in order to transfer skills and knowledge that became an added value for the development and expansion of new products. This can lead to an innovative culture of research, innovation and development of industrial sectors. Were possible, ARES encourage and support start-up activity in the Energy and Environmental domain in order to promote new business creation. Some innovations developed by ARES today are patented and result as innovative know-how for our partners.

In these contexts, ARES research unit could offer:

  • consolidated expertise in the energy field (Hydrogen storage, Solar thermodynamic systems, Distributed Micro-Cogeneration, Geothermal solutions, Energy Efficiency)
  • the opportunity to improve and optimize systems and industrial processes through numerical modeling (Comsol, Ansys and proprietary code)
  • multidisciplinary competences in design and development of complete control system (electronics, telecommunications, fluid dynamics, mechanics)
  • management of industrial safety of machines and systems (IEC61508, EN62061 and SILs)
  • Project Management skills and support for new initiatives and collaborations

Support for innovation to the entrepreneurship, for the growth and develop of new professional skills, new innovative products and industrial applications.

Research topics: