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The mai results of the EU-funded project BRICKER is presented, describing the retrofitting of the demo site buildings with new energy efficiency solutions for public buildings developed by the project consortium.

At the MUSE (Trento Science Museum) in Trento, in the sector dedicated to sustainability, a temporary installation that presents hydrogen as an alternative to fossil fuels.

The EU-funded project DiGeSPo is presented directly from Malta, where an industrial building hosts the working prototype of the new solar energy system developed by the project consortium.

The unit REET - today ARES - and  research activities in the renewable energy domains are presented in a dedicated program named "ALLA RICERCA DI FBK" broadcasted on the Rai national TV channel.

LA STAMPA writes about "EDEN" project  coordinated by REET research unit, today ARES, of the Bruno Kessler Foundation, which aims to create a system to transform and finally make economic the management of energy in our homes.

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At DEDALO by ADA CHANNEL, Luigi Crema talks about FBK and the European project EDEN.

EDEN (High Energy Density Mg-based Metal Hydrides Storage System) explore innovative tecnologies for hydrogen storage that could make a change in the use of hydrogen as a source of energy even for the individual dwellings.

ARES & EDEN Project

CSP Today speaks with Luigi Crema, Scientific Coordinator of DiGeSPo, from the Renewable Energies Environmental Technologies (REET) Unit at the Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK) in Italy, on where CHP can fit into utility-scale CSP.

In this spotlight, FBK presents the activities of the REET Research Unit and the objectives of the project DiGeSPO (DIstributed CHP GEneration from small size concentrated Solar POwer), coordinated by FBK.