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STAGE STE | 3rd General Assembly Meeting

News date: 
Wednesday, 20 January, 2016

ARES attend the two days STAGE STE IRP project meeting in Freiburg (Germany) to review objectives of the project, discuss main technical progress and plan future activities.

In particular, ARES will be involved in the following workpackages contributing in activities regarding the Solar Thermal Electricity (STE) Technologies:

  • WP6 -  International Cooperation Activities, presenting the recent collaboration with Indian partners (IITPAR project) on solar tecnologies
  • WP11: Linear Focusing STE Technologies, presenting the report regarding "suitable process heat and/or CHP systems for specific industrial applications and related integration guidelines"
  • WP12: Point Focusing STE Technologies, presenting the research activities done on high concentration optical systems and new receiver concepts for next generation solar towers