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The company EUROSTANDARD S.p.A. was intended to bring a project of R & D aimed at the development of security systems to be applied for the automatic shut-off of gas leaks following the breaking of the pipes.

For some years is felt the need to install both on the laterals and on the lines of gas distribution devices that automatically stops the gas flux in the event of accidental breakage of the tap. The need is real as the increasingly frequent excavation of the companies, for example for the construction of networks of fiber-optic cables or other underground networks (water, telephone, electricity etc..), increase the frequency of these incidents. The consequences of sudden breakage of branches, and in particular those with higher pressure, can be very serious dislocation considered "underground" and proximity to homes. No less important is to be considered also the impact on the environment caused by losses of methane gas.

In addition to the requirements set out above, the systems for automatic interruption of gas are normally used for some years in areas with seismic characteristics, for example, in the states of Central America. These devices are mostly mechanically inserted in the collars of derivation, fittings used to perform the detachment that leads from the main pipe to the user.


Developing an innovative gas-stop valve

Monday, 17 December, 2007 to Wednesday, 16 December, 2009

Luigi Crema
Alessandro Bozzoli
Marco Cozzini

PAT Lg. 6/99-TN
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