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The R&D performed at FBK-REET labs has produced a new concept of solar driven cooling/heating machine based on a double adsorption/desorption cycle acting between two small tanks. The machine, acting cyclically between desorption and adsorption, is provided of an heat storage to separate the cooling energy availability from the solar radiation. Thus the system is able to provide not only cooling power in hot periods, but even heating in colder times or for hot sanitary water production. The system may be scaled up or down in cooling capacity, acting on the porous adsorbing material volumes, and in cooling power, changing the air mass flow through the system.

A prototype has been built, provided of a cooling capacity of about 25 kWhth and a cooling power of 2 kWth in the range of 12-16 °C. The overall COP is in the range of 0,7-0,8.

Friday, 1 January, 2010 to Friday, 31 December, 2010

Luigi Crema
Alessandro Bozzoli

APE - Agenzia Provinciale per l'Energia