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STARDUST is a project funded under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 smart cities and communities lighthouse programme. This is a highly interdisciplinary project made possible by 29 partners from 8 countries, all of whom will be working together to transform carbon supplied cities into smart, highly efficient, intelligent and citizen oriented cities using technical green solutions and innovative business models coupled with a strong replication strategy. Activities will be first demonstrated in Pamplona (Spain), Tampere (Finland), and Trento (Italy) and will be re-applied in the following cities, namely, Derry (UK), Kozani (Greece), and Litomerice (Czech Republic). The project started officially with its kick-off meeting in Pamplona on October 10 and October 11, led by Fundación Cener-Ciemat.

The STARDUST project aims to transform present day cities to smarter cities through a holistic replication model. It will be combining expertise of the different consortium partners on smart buildings, energy efficiency, ICT, and e-mobility, coupled with innovation and social engagement coming from the locals. By doing so, it will raise awareness between the citizens of Pamplona, Tampere and Trento on the possibility of using their cities as “innovation islands” or urban incubators of technological, social, regulatory and market solutions, for other interested cities around the world.

Technological solutions will be first planned and carried out in the three demonstrator cities. This will be done in parallel with raising awareness and fostering knowledge transfer between the cities themselves through active citizen engagement. Innovative business models and financial schemes will be later defined within these cities. All these results will be shared and transferred from Lighthouse to “follower” cities and cascaded down across other cities and communities through the “JOIN STARDUST” program across Europe and the globe.

Sunday, 1 October, 2017
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ARES is involved in the energy efficiency and renovation process of the urban district of Trento which includes a social housing residential complex (Madonna Bianca) with a common swimming pool, a University Campus and a large commercial center/service area. In particular, 3 of the 14 towers will be renovated within a nZEB vision and ARES partcipate in the following actions: creation of a low temperature smart district heating system replacing gas heating with ground source heat pumps (GSHPs); connection of the local supermarket to the smart grid; retrievement of the supermarket`s heat waste; installation of smart meters and monitoring systems in each unit to encourage energy-saving habits; creation of a communication interface with inhabitants to stimulate an energy-aware culture.
In addition, ARES expertise will contribute at the E-MOBILITY PLAN to create an electrical CAR-SHARING DISTRICT in Trento, located in the logistic area in the Northern part of the city.
Finally it is involved in all the communication, dissemination and exploitation activities of the project results, especcially as regards the lighthouse city of Trento.